How to obtain a Ph.D.

The doctor is not only in Germany, but also one of the highest academic degrees worldwide. The ability to independently work on a detailed scientific work – the dissertation or doctoral thesis – generally completes the scientific education.

What is a doctorate?

You can do the doctorate after obtaining a diploma or master’s degree. But you have to have received a good grade in the study to get the admission to the doctorate. A doctorate enables the deepening of a university degree that has already been completed. Its aim is to make an independent contribution to research. The contribution takes place in the form of a dissertation or a doctoral thesis, where the results of the research-oriented consolidation are written down. The doctoral thesis also contains a publication obligation and must therefore be made publicly available within a certain period of time.

What a promotion speaks

A PhD is associated with excellent career opportunities. Not only a higher salary beckons a graduate, but also a better reputation. Of course, a high salary is not everything. One should love the way up to the doctor title. You should definitely be enthusiastic about the subject and bring along a good deal of patience and stamina. This can be particularly useful for the future career, for example, get to high-profile jobs and projects. After all, nowhere else do you get the unique opportunity to get a taste of the different companies. And at the same time, you can also make many valuable networks in the industry.

Requirements for a doctoral program

First of all, a doctoral thesis naturally requires a completed postgraduate degree with a corresponding average grade as a condition. Only then can you sign up for a doctoral thesis. But it also depends on the subject and the faculty or the university or college. For example, seminar certificates or language certificates are required for some doctorates. Also, the search for a suitable topic and a suitable supervisor is not necessarily the easiest. A certain amount of motivation and interest in the topic should be self-evident. So it is usually not a good idea to venture out of embarrassment to a doctorate. quick essay help

Have you grown to a doctorate?

Whether you want to add a doctor after graduation depends on your own goals. To a dissertation belongs a lot of organization, willpower and diligence. On the one hand, this raises the question of whether you can meet the requirements of a doctorate and whether it really is worth the whole work. Think about why you want to do a doctorate. Also, consider whether you want to be able to work on a scientific topic in depth over the next three to five years, and above all, to do it.

On the other hand, of course, it’s also an extension of student life somewhere, which sounds pretty tempting to many, but should not really be seen as a reason for a doctorate. In addition, you have a few more years to plan your career better. Above all, there are more options at the end if you have a doctor. However, the first reason why you should seek a doctorate should be the interest in research. Without fun in the activity and without interest in the topic itself, it may be that sooner or later you lose motivation relatively quickly. After all, you should not even do a doctorate to prove yourself what or to show everyone else that you can get the doctorate. Last but not least, it is important that you want to do it alone. No other person will force you to complete the doctoral studies. Only your motivation counts.

How important is the doctoral degree really?

Of course, it depends on which department you are working in. There are areas where the doctoral title is almost presupposed. Examples include physicians or specialists in the German pharmaceutical industry. Even otherwise, the doctoral degree is highly regarded in Germany. The Ph.D. is considered a status symbol and helps for a better reputation. On the other hand, the chances of getting a job and the salary increase. So why not take the trouble to write a dissertation?

Possible disadvantages of a dissertation

Maybe simply because it means a lot of work and many do not know what problems might arise. There may be a lot of pressure on you, such as partial results or publications in journals. Also, you are dependent on the mood of your PhD supervisor, which can often lead to stress and frustration – in the worst case to cancel the doctoral thesis. And not enough.

Such a doctorate must first be achieved. This is associated with a lot of work. Where the friends are having fun outside, you sit at home or at the library and wander through a pile of books or write your dissertation. If you sound that way, that’s no picnic, of course. You also have to be prepared to write on a topic for a very long time. For this you not only had to bring patience and motivation, but also endurance. Can you, 3-5 years only deal with one topic?

In the time you do your doctor, you will spend a lot of time. And not only that. You also have to invest financially in your doctor. Weigh out what it would cost. Because at this time you could possibly earn quite well in a permanent employment. But make your doctor, so you have to be patient with a good remuneration still very much.

Furthermore, you have to deal with strong fluctuations in your motivation. The mood can also suffer. You can certainly imagine that your motivation or your level of performance can not always remain at the highest level. Therefore, it is sometimes advisable to spend more time with family or friends. The fact is that a PhD can be very lonely. Many aspiring doctoral students can not handle this at all.

After all, most people are unaware of the challenges they face. Either they do not inform themselves sufficiently or they do not take the doctor so seriously. All the more serious are the effects if it is too late. The drop-out rate of a doctor is high. That’s no wonder and we already mentioned the reasons.


There are many benefits to getting a doctor. The opportunities on the job market are immense. And not only that. Already during your promotion you make many important contacts and networks. You get insights into renowned companies and get completely new insights and perspectives on your work. You get into conversation with company bosses and professors and you broaden your experience immensely. On the other hand, you also have to consider the negative sides of a promotion. This includes the high drop-out rate and the time you have to invest in such a promotion. You had to muster motivation, interest and motivation for a single topic for a very long time. Furthermore, you will be very alone during your PhD. Only you can provide your own motivation, not your friends, parents or supervisor. But hold on, you will be rewarded with a high salary. Furthermore, you will become a true specialist in your field and people will learn to appreciate you as an expert.